1553  Treffer
  • MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for F14, F15, F17 and D601 board controller
    Dateiname: 13y007-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 2 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 3cbfecd9d4d03b8ab868d4f6d3533bb7be868e3d

  • Configuration data generator for AF2
    Dateiname: 13af02-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 1 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 1c54ffe83887f4a4298cfefd5b23929741c8dcae

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 BSP (MEN) for G25A
    Dateiname: 10g025a78.zip
    Windows ZIP 66 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 91c57bb2d505dcb6d847ceeb83dfeb184c4eb5a5

  • MENMON (Firmware) (MEN) for A15 (object code)
    Dateiname: 14a015-00 menmon_a015_legacy.zip
    Firmware/BIOS ZIP 170 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 66d72dfcc68188af892f1bce1cdf9a8ff7558906

  • OS-9/PPC SCF driver (MEN) for UART M-Modules
    Dateiname: 13m077-02.zip
    OS-9 ZIP 76 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 611812214096e40b0dbc6dd5d57d59a3dc811ab2

  • OS-9/68k SCF driver for UART M-Modules
    Dateiname: 13m077-01.zip
    OS-9 ZIP 128 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 0a1cefea31d908d29a4657234f06e62fae7d3e7b

  • Linux Yocto BSP (duagon) for MC50M/MC50I and related ME Modules, for quick creation of a bootable image (YP Core Sumo 2.5, Linux kernel 4.15)
    Dateiname: 10mc50-90.zip
    Linux ZIP 79 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 0f7e6b8a7c8ecb7faa0724f6b46a793629caa979

  • MDIS5 Windows (duagon) driver for PU2, PU3, PU4, PU5, PU6, CCA Rack PSU
    Dateiname: 13ad78-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 2 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 04d5c4fb3cc35eb085687b605b6ef2a2d690884a

  • Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware (Gen 2)
    Dateiname: 14etsw-02-license-01_04_00.zip
    Firmware/BIOS ZIP 10 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: af0f566c538ed730f31c065d29599c6a27f406a7

  • MDIS5 Windows driver for LM63 on SMBus
    Dateiname: 13y001-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 1 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 4a976fd785e42682c103dfeb0939ff5595420acc