195  Treffer
  • Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware (Gen 2)
    Dateiname: 14etsw-02-license-01_04_00.zip
    Firmware/BIOS ZIP 10 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: af0f566c538ed730f31c065d29599c6a27f406a7

  • Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware (Gen 2)
    Dateiname: 14etsw-02-software-01_04_00.zip
    Firmware/BIOS ZIP 13 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 7749abc62a8fd53c56fa95f6e0b6c6743d089bbc

  • Linux UART driver (duagon) for ASIX AX99100 controller
    Dateiname: 13y065-90.zip
    Linux ZIP 43 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: c399456d41fd80997eb73aafb4f2c91e0fccdb77

  • MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for M72
    Dateiname: 13m072-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 7 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: fa6c09e45a0fab25e5157affca2dd504a65e4607

  • MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for M66, A302 and D302
    Dateiname: 13m066-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 3 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 078f06a7c4e545ff6fdeadd6b524633ed18f4937

  • MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for 16Z075_SPEED
    Dateiname: 13z075-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 3 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 41aefee33759dbe3e835c5f9418d63f8018ca0aa

  • MDIS5 Windows driver for LM63 on SMBus
    Dateiname: 13y001-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 1 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 4a976fd785e42682c103dfeb0939ff5595420acc

  • MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for M58
    Dateiname: 13m058-70_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 4 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 7c301ee9224896c341801accc63168681fbe8121

  • Windows Installset (MEN) for XM2 and F19P
    Dateiname: 13md0570_13xm02-77_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 98 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: bd0f98a1238f7d4f2a4538603046de7560942b4f

  • duagon Yocto BSP for Intel Atom E3900 Series Products and Embedded Modular Box PCs
    Dateiname: 10yc01-90.zip
    Linux ZIP 687 KB

    Sha1-Checksumme: a667124607c4902ff013e5f6215f3aeaffa77a19