EK6N - ESM Starter Kit with EM1N / MPC5200B COM (Produkt eingestellt)

Embedded System Modules are complete computers on a module. A final application consists either of a stand-alone ESM, an ESM with an application-specific carrier card and/or an ESM with additionally plugged PCI-104 modules.

The EK6N is a starter kit that allows evaluation of the functions of the EM1N ESM. The kit consists of the CPU module, an FPGA with additional I/O functions, the carrier card, memory, PSU, various cables, and an adapter for mounting a PCI-104 module. The EK6N provides versatile mounting options and can also be installed in a standard PC.

After evaluation, the design overhead for each application is limited to I/O. Depending on the application and quantity it may be necessary to develop a simple carrier card, choose PCI-based standard components, load additional I/O functions into the FPGA, write software drivers for those additional functions, or design a housing.

The EM1N is controlled by the MPC5200B PowerPC processor that was especially developed for automotive applications. It is equipped with soldered DDR SDRAM, on-chip NAND Flash, graphics memory, boot Flash and battery-backed SRAM.

The EM1N provides two Fast Ethernet interfaces, one serial line and USB 1.1 at its front panel. Two CAN controllers with V2.0A/B CAN protocol are included in the MPC5200B. The physical CAN interfaces are accessible via SA-Adapters on the EM1N itself. Further serial interfaces controlled by the FPGA can be accessed using SA-Adapters via the carrier board.

Additional I/O functionality is implemented in the onboard FPGA, comprising graphics and touch, IDE and additional UARTs. The physical interfaces are accessible on the carrier board which is included in the kit. Separate SA-Adapters are needed for some of the UARTs provided in the FPGA. The functionality of the FPGA is dynamically loaded by the application software.

The ATX-compatible carrier board provides the mechanical platform, the power supply, a USB 2.0 interface and the I/O access for the FPGA functions. It comes with one ESM slot and three PCI slots, which allow the use of standard extension cards in the PC.


  • EM1N with MPC5200B / 384 MHz
  • 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 1 GB NAND Flash
  • 2 MB SRAM, 16 MB graphics memory
  • 2 Fast Ethernet, COM, USB, 2 CAN bus
  • FPGA with additional I/O:Graphics, SPI, 4 UARTs, IDE
  • ATX-compatible carrier card:1 ESM slot, 3 PCI slotsGraphics, touch, 1 USB 2.0, IDE, 2 COMs
  • Accessories:External PSU, PCI-104 adapterVGA cable, RJ45 to D-Sub cable