D757 - Current Loop Ethernet Gateway

The D757 is an easy to configure Ethernet-to-Current Loop gateway. It provides a single Current Loop interface as well as up to two 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet interfaces (ETH0 / ETH1). The Ethernet connectors comply with IEC 61076-2-101 (Dcoded; female).

The Ethernet interfaces comply with IEEE 802.3 supporting 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX, full duplex mode, autonegotiation and auto MDI-X. Furthermore, the internal logic supports the "Ethernet on traction vehicles" standard IEC 61375-3-4.

The optional second Ethernet interface ETH1 is intended to be used as a redundant line or as a separate channel for remote diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

The Current Loop interface complies with the NF F 69-010 and supports active or passive receiver and transmitter settings.

duagon's gateways are available with a standard configurable gateway application that enables a simple mapping from the Current Loop interface to UDP or one of the available real-time Ethernet protocols. Additionally, the D757 provides a webserver that enables web services such as Alstom WebMaintenance.

The gateway is integrated in a stainless-steel housing that can be mounted on a DIN rail or using M4 screws. The device can be powered directly from the vehicle battery.

The D757 is designed for harsh rolling stock environments and complies with the EN 50155 norm.


  • Support for Current Loop interfaces in accordance with NF F 69-110, supporting active and passive configuration for receiver and transmitter
  • Proprietary high-performance Ethernet communication stack; optimized for cyclic process data
  • Support for most common real-time Ethernet protocols including TRDP, IPTCom and EtherNet/IP – CIP
  • Optional redundant Ethernet interface duagon web server for remote diagnostics and firmware updates; possibility to implement customer-specific web pages