i214 - ionia™ Analog I/O Module

The i214 is an intelligent high-precision analog input output module for the ionia™ system. The module offers 3 analog outputs, 6 analog inputs and an auxiliary power supply output. The outputs, inputs and the supply output are grouped into three galvanically isolated groups with separated reference grounds.

The analog input and output group of the i214 can be individually configured as either voltage output/input or current output/input. The analog channels provide a resolution of 10 bits.

All configuration registers and the input/output values are accessible via a fast point-to-point connection from the central processing unit (CPU) module.

Configuring the i214 is done easily and time saving manner by using one of the five methods defined by IEC 61131.

The i214 is designed for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant with EN 50155.


  • 3 analog outputs, individually configurable as voltage or current output
  • 6 analog inputs, individually configurable as voltage or current input
  • Provides an auxiliary 15V power supply output
  • "Condition Monitoring" to detect overtemperature
  • IEC 61131 for fast and easy programming
  • No capacitor replacement necessary
  • Fully compliant with EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373