GM2 - Octal Gigabit Ethernet Rear I/O Card (Product Discontinued)

The GM2 is a mezzanine card which is plugged onto CompactPCI Serial CPU boards to implement eight Ethernet interfaces on the backplane.

The CompactPCI Serial standard defines up to eight Ethernet interfaces which can be connected in a star or in full mesh architecture via the backplane and which equip the CPU board with even more options for multi computing and computer clusters. The GM2 is used to implement eight Gigabit Ethernet interfaces which are led to the backplane via CompactPCI Serial connectorP6. All eight interfaces are controlled by two Ethernet controllers which support the IEEE 802.3x standard.

In addition, the GM2 offers the possibility to plug a microSD card.


  • Mezzanine card for CompactPCI Serial CPU boards
  • Eight 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet channels
  • Support of full mesh and star architecture
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Fully integrated to comply with IEEE802.3u
  • TCP/IP checksum offload