D016M - PCI Express MVB Interface

The D016M is a multipurpose PCIe MVB interface on a 40 x 85mm size footprint (PC/30+). All features of the MVB architecture are available: Process Data, Message Data, Bus Administrator and physical layer EMD or ESD+.

The D016M is available in two configurations:

  • MDFULL: passive MVB interface with a duagon MVB controller
  • SERVER: active MVB interface including the Message Data Real Time Protocol stack MD RTP. This approach minimizes the CPU requirements of the host system, because the major part of the communication software is running on the duagon interface

A handy starter-kit is available for evaluation and host-application-software development.

The D016M fully complies with the TCN standard IEC 61375. It is designed for the harsh traction environment and conforms to the EN 50121, EN 50155 and EN 61373 standards, e.g. by:

  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature
  • Coating against humidity
  • Enhanced EMI and vibration robustness


  • Optionally, the D016M can act as a full featured MVB Bus administrator
  • ANSI-C source files allows an easy porting to any host / operating system combination
  • The module is compatible with EMD and ESD+ physical MVB layers
  • The D016M conforms with the EN50121, EN50155, EN 61373 and IEC61375 standards, and is designed for the harsh traction environment
  • Modules of this product family can easily be exchanged without adaptation of the customer's host PCB