Communications Systems Engineering


Country |  Turkey

Sector |  Railway

  • Vital Communications: Creation of technical documents (Radio Scheme Plans, power balances, etc.) for the installation of radio transmitters and antennas along the railway. Component specification study: Antennas, wires, connectors, radios, Switches, routers, among other things. Monitoring and analysis of CBCT reception SAT trials.
  • Non-vital communications: Designing of passenger assistance facilities and devices, such as CCTV, PA, PID, CLOCKS etc. and preparation of required documents for their implementation.
  • Technical coordination of contractors: Coordination of subcontracted companies, keeping track of milestones achieved, document deliveries, and monitoring deadlines for each sub-system.
  • Technical documentation and incident management: Management of the existing documentation related to the ongoing project through proprietary or third-party software, producing detailed monthly follow-up reports on the status of said documentation.
  • Project management, monitoring and documentation: Interdepartmental and multidisciplinary coordination for the alignment and management of the project, organizing follow-up meetings with all departments and disciplines in the scope of communication engineering.

Work Done

  • 76.3 Km total including IC, CR and Freight Transport
  • 13.3 Km of tracks run through the Bosphorus Tunnel, 19.6 km pass the European side and 43.4 km pass on the Asian side
  • 42 stations, 2 OCCs (Operations Control Centers) and 5 Deposits/Stabling yards
  • 7 Substations



Communication Engineers, Technical Office Engineers and Technical Documentation.