Yes. Thanks to its modularity, d-SC is easy to install and retrofit safety and automation functions in any type of older rail vehicles.

d-SC can also be used for a soft modernization and automation of older electronic interlocking equipment, supporting installation of simpler, smaller and standardized inside facilities.

The modular CompactPCI hardware architecture allows to extend the MH50C controller with further communication and interface cards, using also standard PCI Express Mini Cards and similar state of the art devices:

  • Connection to existing TCN network via MVB & WTB railway fieldbus interface boards
  • Connection to existing train devices via CAN, ProfiNet and other fieldbus interface boards
  • Connection to standard switches and routers via Ethernet
  • Connection to all popular in vehicle and external communication interfaces via Wi Fi, radio, GPS, RS485 etc.

Why is duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC) called an open system?

d-SC is exclusively based on open industry standards in hardware, software and communication, allowing the end user to stay vendor independent and protected against obsolescence issues:

  • Standard PC hardware architecture with state of the art x86 host controller
  • Standard 19” CompactPCI industry standard
  • Standard operating systems (QNX, Linux)
  • Standard Ethernet communication with safe real time EtherCAT
  • Standard communication interfaces to TCN network, MVB, CANopen , ProfiNet etc.
  • Standard POSIX programming interface for “C”

d-SC separates the control electronics (the computer hardware) from the control function (the application software).

d-SC opens up the essential interfaces between the control electronics and the application.

As a totally open platform, d-SC is the first railway computer that makes rail service suppliers and rail operators independent from a solution provider, giving them full control over their project.

Why is the duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC) called a modular system?

d-SC is modular in terms of hardware based on its proven 19” CompactPCI technology:

  • The MH50C controller can be configured with the exact number of required safe I/O channels, and non-safe functions based on standard CompactPCI boards.

d-SC is modular in terms of I/O location:

  • Up to 63 remote I/O boxes (with four to eight boards per device) can be connected to one MH50C controller, saving huge wiring cost and increasing the operation stability.

d-SC is modular in terms of software:

  • Ready to integrate all state-of-the-art real-time operating system BSPs, with QNX being used as the standard operating system
  • Ready to mix and match RTOS for safe functions with Linux for non-safe functions
  • Ready to communicate via the EtherCAT standard real-time variant of standard Ethernet
  • Ready to start programming based on different standard environments

d-SC is modular in terms of certification:

  • As the complete d-SC solution may contain “safe” and “non-safe” parts, different SIL 4 certification packages are provided.
  • All certificates are available either for the hardware only or as a bundle together with the safe components of the QNX real-time operating system.

Which kind of rolling-stock applications can be covered with duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC)?

  • d-SC is the central computer platform for on-board ATO and ATP (Automated Train Operation and Protection) functions.
  • d-SC can be the heart of a CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) system.
  • d-SC interfaces to all existing train communication standards such as MVB, WTB, CAN etc.
  • d-SC interfaces to the outside world via wireless communication using GSM-R, GPS, WLAN etc

Which kind of trackside applications can be covered with duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC)?

  • d-SC is compliant with the EN 50121-4 standard for wayside EMC regulations describing the emission and immunity of the signalling and telecommunications apparatus.
  • d-SC is the central computer platform for electronic interlocking in signalling control systems.
  • d-SC can be used as central computer in ATO/ATP applications e.g., Zone Controller, platform screen door controller, etc.
  • d-SC can be used to as control unit for any kind of trackside assets such as level-crossings, signals, LEU, etc.
  • d-SC covers a part of the functions of the European ETCS as well as, e.g., CTCS, ATMS, PTC or Klub-U.

What are the safety configuration possibilities of duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC)?

  • d-SC consists of SIL 4 hardware and software components pre-certified according to EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129, leading to a significant time and cost saving for the end application.
  • A single F75P (safe CPU board) or MH50C (safe d-SC controller) is already a 2oo2 unit according to EN 50129. 2oo2
  • The MH50C is designed to be fail-safe.
  • It supports double execution of software on two redundant processors.
  • It supports cross-checking between two redundant processors.
  • The safe communication with the I/O is based on safety protocols.

Why choose QNX as the safe standard operating system for duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC)?

The QNX real-time operating system is well established on an international level and offers a broad range of development tools.

The safe QNX Neutrino microkernel supports partitioning of the application. Partitioning saves cost and development time by:

  • Separating safe and non-safe functions on the same platform
  • Combining different SILs on one platform, e.g., SIL 2 for ATO and SIL 4 for ATP

In addition, the microkernel structure allows to separate application processes from protocol stacks and drivers.

QNX also supports message passing, allowing the application to cross processor boundaries.

d-SC can be used together with other safe operating systems, too:

  • d-SC is prepared to support GreenHills Integrity, Sysgo PikeOS and Wind River VxWorks 7 Safety Profile.
  • A demo BSP for PikeOS is available from Sysgo.
  • Integrity and VxWorks 7 Safety Profile will be made available on request.

What would be the operating system of choice for the non-safe parts of the application?

  • Linux – because it is open source, independent of the hardware platform, it offers a huge variety of freely available development tools as well as peripheral drivers and is used worldwide. Why does it make sense to separate the safe from the non-safe applications at all?
  • The combination of two operating systems – QNX and Linux – on one hardware platform – d-SC – limits the effort of application programming to the safe parts. This makes the software development and the subsequent certification easier and faster, resulting in significantly reduced overall cost.
  • Thanks to the abstraction of the periphery, the application can make use of the broad offering of peripheral Linux driver support.

Why does duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC) use EtherCAT for the communication?

EtherCAT is a real-time Ethernet standard based on open Ethernet that fulfills the conditions to make communication between d-SC components safe:

  • EtherCAT is deterministic, with cycle times ≤ 5 ms.
  • EtherCAT is able to operate without switches.
  • EtherCAT supports a ring topology which provides a continuity in service in the case of broken cable or the loss of power on one remote I/O.
  • The safety communication layer of EtherCAT (FSoE) establishes an end-to-end protection to the safe I/O board.
  • Any packet that leaves the safe domain is encapsulated in an envelope that is checked by the receiver of the packet (the safe I/O board). With this method, failures like packet duplication, loss, wrong sequence, corruption, wrong addressing etc. are covered.
  • FSoE covers the requirements of EN 50159.

Is the duagon SAFE CONTROL lifetime guaranteed by a life-cycle management?

  • Yes – and: using an open system like d-SC means that product obsolescence management can be limited to single standardized parts of the computer system. It will never affect and endanger the train or wayside function itself.
  • duagon guarantees long-term availability of all parts of the d-SC for a minimum period of 10 years in order to best meet the specific requirements of railway applications.
  • For the successor of the safe CPU board duagon will provide a BSP with identical APIs, so that the source code of the application can remain unchanged.

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